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"Everyone seemed to really bring their true authentic self to the event which was great as everyone felt comfortable in their own "skin" during the official day time activities and nighttime ones too. It was good to see bigger company names along with smaller ones represented and actively recruiting."

Nicolle Booth

"[BITCON] was one of my all time favorite technology focused conferences to date. I was able to meet multiple people and help them to make connections with other professionals within a short time period."

Tamara Allen

"Outstanding - first time out of the gate for Kenvue at a public conference since spinning off from J&J; it was everything we needed the conference to be including offering talent that we otherwise might have access to. Kenvue was able hire and do 4 job offers on the spot at the conference!"

Gina Paige

"I was extremely pleased with the conference. As a non-tech person, I learned information beneficial to me in terms of the process to transition to a tech career as well as options within the industry."

Maria Watson-Gaddis

"This was the best conference that I've attended. The programming was intentional, I appreciated that there was catered lunch and the vendors were great."

Amaka Iloegbunam

"The 2023 BITCON Conference was amazing!!! So many learning opportunities, I love that young people walked away with jobs and you are discussing cutting edge topics specifically enhancing the presence of blacks in the tech industry."

Gigi Hamilton
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